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Brain injuries can devastate your ability to complete even the simplest tasks. The brain contains vital elements that many of us take for granted until they start to impair our ability to walk, brush our teeth, or even sit for long periods of time.

Many brain injuries are the result of an unexpected accident. These accidents can include car collisions, workplace incidents, or even slip and falls on wet floors. Often, the result is an injured individual who is paralyzed for life and/or suffering from severe head and brain injuries.

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  • $27.5 Million Traumatic Brain Injury

    A vehicle was rear-ended by a pickup truck causing a vehicle to rollover.


Treatment & Care

Initial treatment and the resulting care for traumatic brain injuries can be brutally expensive. In one year alone, many families accumulate $300,000, $500,000, or even $800,000 or more in treatment costs. Surgeries on the brain are extremely expensive as well, and the aftercare for a brain surgery and resulting years of therapy can leave a family financially devastated.

At The Ammons Law Firm, we help victims of traumatic brain injuries seek fair financial compensation from the at-fault parties. Our Houston traumatic brain injury lawyers proudly represent clients throughout the United States in all types of complex brain injury cases. We help victims of brain injuries recover compensation for damages such as their current and future medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning capacity, disability and disfigurement, and pain and suffering.

Types of Brain Injuries

There are many different types of brain injuries, all of which are generally considered serious, though some are more severe than others.

Some of the most common types of brain injuries include:

  • Concussions: Typically caused by a direct blow to the head or the head making sudden impact with a stationary object, concussions can range from relatively mild to quite serious. This is the most common type of traumatic brain injury.
  • Contusions: A contusion is essentially a bruise, or bleeding, that forms on the brain. Brain contusions often occur due to blunt force trauma or contact between the head and another object. Severe contusions may need to be treated surgically.
  • Diffuse Axonal Injuries: These injuries occur when nerve tissue and other structures on the brain tears, often as a result of sudden rotational or shaking movements of the head. Diffuse axonal injuries commonly accompany severe whiplash suffered in motor vehicle accidents.
  • Coup-Contrecoup Injuries: When an outside force makes impact with the head, the brain can suffer two injuries: one at the impact site and one on the opposing side where the brain makes contact with the inside of the skull. These are known as coup-contrecoup injuries.
  • Penetrating Brain Injuries: When an outside object penetrates the skull and brain, the damage is typically incredibly severe. Victims will likely experience massive hemorrhaging and the risk of fatality is extremely high.

Other fairly common traumatic brain injuries involve oxygen deprivation (anoxia and hypoxia). These types of injuries are commonly associated with medical malpractice, birth injuries, and drowning accidents and can lead to devastating and irreversible damage.

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Leading Causes of Brain Injuries

While some brain injuries are truly the result of unavoidable accidents, many are caused by negligence. When the carelessness, recklessness, or intentional wrongdoing of another person, company, or entity causes a traumatic brain injury, the victim and/or his or her loved ones can take legal action against the liable party/parties.

Some of the most common causes of traumatic brain injuries include:

The Houston traumatic brain injury lawyers at The Ammons Law Firm have extensive experience representing victims of all types of head and brain injuries caused by all types of accidents. With more than $1 billion won for our clients, both in settlement negotiations and at trial, our legal team has the skill, resources, and winning reputation you need in your corner.

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    “"The Ammons law firm has a great number of wonderful and hardworking lawyers. They did an amazing job with my case."”

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